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1120 POL e-file

2003 Tax Law Changes for Individuals

8633 FAQS

8633 Quick Reference Chart

About 2004 Marketing Campaign

Abusive Offshore Tax Avoidance Schemes

Abusive Scheme Strategy – SB/SE 

Abusive Tax Shelters

Advance Child Tax Credit - 2003 

Advance Child Tax Credit - Worksheet

Advance Child Tax Credit  - Newsroom Article

Advertising/Promotion Publications

   ERO’s – Marketing Toolkit & downloadable IRS e-file Logo

Appeals, Tax Information for

Application to Participate in the e-file Program

Application to Participate in the e-file Program, Form 8633  - When to Complete

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Approved IRS e-file for Business Providers

Armed Forces - Tax Information 

Authorized IRS e-file Provider Locator Service for Tax Professionals

Become an Authorized IRS e-file Provider

Business Advocacy

Business e-file

Business e-file Products - Pub 4240

Business Reference Guides

Centralized Authorization File (CAF)

Chartities & Other Non-Profits

Child Tax Credit, Advance


Circular 230

COEs - Centers of Excellence

Combat Zone Provisions

Consumer Alerts & Tax Scams

Contact My Local Office - State by State IRS Office Locations, Hours etc.  

Corporations, Tax Information for

Credit Card Payments - Individuals

Criminal Investigation Division - CID

Digital Dispatch Mailing List

Disaster Relief

EA Exam

EA Information

e-file Application Package - Pub 3112


e-file Checklist for Individuals

e-file Demographics for Electronic Return Originators

e-file Demographics

e-file FAQs for Tax Professionals - Publication 3452

e-file for Business & Self-Employed Taxpayers

e-file for Business Program Overview

e-file for Business News Page

e-file for Business Partners

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e-file for Tax Professionals

e-file Program Overview for Tax Professionals

e-file Providers - Reporting Fraud & Abuse

e-file Providers, Individual Locator

e-file Q&A for Taxpayers Pub 3007

e-file Resources - Help Desk & State e-file Coordinators

e-file Resources for EROs, etc

e-file for Software Developers & Transmitters

e-file Technical Publications

e-file Using a Tax Preparer

EFTPS - Express Enrollment for Businesses Pub 4276



EFTPS Marketing Materials, Order from FMS

EFTPS  on FMS Web site

EFTPS On-Line Fact Sheet

EFTPS Primer Brochure

EFTPS Provider Registration Form 12252

e-Help Desk - Toll-Free Number

EIN - Apply Online

EIN, Online Application  FAQs

EITC TY 2003 Eligibility Checklist

EITC Information

EITC - What's New for 2003/2004

Electronic Federal Tax Payment System - Individuals

Electronic Funds Withdrawal - EFW

Electronic Payment Options  

Electronic Payment Options Brochure Pub 3611

Electronic Signature Methods - PIN

Employment Tax e-file System

Employment Taxes – e-file and e-pay Options

Employment Taxes for Small Businesses

Employment Tax Enforcement Program

Encryption Option Special Notice

e-News for Tax Professionals - Sign Up

Enrolled Agent Information

ERO Locator Service

ERO Record Keeping Requirements  

EROs - Information for New EROs

ERO – Testimonials from e-file Providers

Errors - Top Errors by Paid Preparers on Paper Returns


e-services Products

Exemplary EROs

FAX Guidelines, New IRS

Federal Agency and Related Resources

Federal/State e-file

Fed/State e-file Brochure

Fed/State e-file Coordinators

Fed/State Employment Tax e-file Schemas

Filing Information Returns Electronically (Information Returns)

Filing Season Supplement, Pub 1345A for TY 2004

Financial Management Service (FMS) U.S. Dept of the Treasury

Forms & Pubs

Forms 940, 941, 941TeleFile Programs

Form 990/990EZ & 1120POL e-file 

Form 1041 e-file Program

Form 1065 e-file Program

Form 1120/1120S e-file

Form 1120POL e-file  

Form 8453, U.S. Individual Income Tax Declaration for an IRS e-file Return

Form 8633 - Application to become an Authorized IRS e-file Provider

Form 8633 FAQs

Form 8633 Quick Reference Chart

Form 8878, IRS e-file Signature Authorization for Application for Extension of Time to File

Form 8879, IRS e-file Signature Authorization

Fraud & Abuse - e-file Providers Reporting of

Fraud Alerts - CID

Free File FAQs & Help Center

Free Online Filing – Free File Home page

Frequently Asked Tax Questions & Answers

Frivolous Tax Arguments, The Truth About

Government Entities - Tax Information for

Government Printing Office

HCTC: Individuals - Overview for Health Coverage Tax Credit

Hot Topics

Identity Theft - Federal Trade Commission

Identity Theft  - SSA Web Page

Individuals, Tax Informatoin for


Information for New EROs

Information Returns - e-file with Information Returns

Innocent Spouses, Tax Information for

Innocent Spouse Q & A

Installment Agreements

Internal Revenue Bulletins- IRBs

International Businesses, Tax Information for

International Taxpayer

Internet Filing MeF 2004

IRM - Internal Revenue Manual

IRPAC General Information

IRS e-file for Business & Self-Employed Taxpayers

IRS e-file for Business News Page

IRS e-file for Business Partners

IRS e-file for Business Providers

IRS e-file For Tax Professionals

IRS e-file Partners for Individuals

IRS e-file Providers

IRS Office Locations, Hours, Addresses

IRSAC & IRPAC General Information

IRS Recognizes Electronic Tax Professionals at Nationwide Tax Forums

IRS Resources

K-1, Two-Dimensional Bar Code Specifications

Latest News

Laws, Regulations, Research and Court Rulings

Locator Service - Individual e-file

Logo, IRS e-file

Lottery Winnings, Treatment of

Low Income Tax Clinics - 2004

Marketing Toolkit

Market Research Data for IRS e-file

MeF Internet Filing

Minority & Women Resources

Modernized e-file MeF (1120, 990)

Money Laundering

Nationwide Tax Forums, IRS

New Employment Tax e-file System 

News & Alerts for e-file Providers

News - What's Hot

News Releases

Newsroom - Latest News

Nonfiler Enforcement Program

Offer in Compromise - OIC

Offers in Compromise Application Fee

Office of Professional Responsibility Enrolled Agent Program

Office of Professional Responsibility, Latest News from

Offshore Tax Avoidance Schemes

On-Line Filing Software Companies

Online Application EIN Form SS-4

Online EIN  FAQs

Overseas Taxpayers

e-file for Business Partners

Payment Options for Individuals & Businesses

Payroll Service Providers

PINs - Self -Select & Practitioner

Practitioner Priority Service

Preparer - Top Errors by Paid Preparers on Paper Returns   

Prior Year Forms & Pubs

Privacy and Security Policy, IRS

Providers, e-file for Business

Publication 1220 (Information Returns) Specifications for Filing 1098, 1099, 5498 and W-2G Electronically

Publication 1345

Publication 1345A, Filing Season Supplement

Publication 1346 TY 2003 File Specs & Record Layouts

Publication 1436 - e-file Test Package TY 2004

Publication 3112 - e-file Application Package

Publication 3452, e-file FAQs for Tax Professionals

Q&A for Tax Professionals Pub 3452 2004

QuickAlerts Library

QuickAlerts Messaging System for EROs, Software Developers/Transmitters

QuickAlerts Pub 4003

QuickAlerts - Welcome Page

Record Keeping Requirements - EROs

Refund Cycle Chart - 2004

Reporting Fraud and Abuse

Resource Information - IRS

Retirees/Sr. Citizens

Return Preparer Enforcement Program

Revenue Procedure 2000-31

Revenue Protection for 2003

SB/SE Online Classroom

SB/SE Page, Your One-Stop Business Resource

SB/SE Partners Page

Scams/Consumer Alerts

Schedule K-1 Matching Update

Schedule K-1, Two-Dimensional Bar Code Specifications


Schemes - Offshore Money    

SEE - Special Enrollment Exam   

Self-Select PIN

Small Business Self-Employed Online Classroom

Small Business Products

Small Business Related Links

Small Business Resource Guide Update

Small Business Tax Workshop Student Workbook

Small Business Trends and Statistics

Software Developers & Transmitters XML Schemas (e-file for Business)

Software Developers' Conference Notes - 2003

SOI (Statistics of Income) Products & Services

Special Enrollment Examination  (SEE)

SS-4 Online EIN Application

SIRS Reporter Employer Newsletter

SSA Employer Web site

SSA Website

State Links

State Resources

Statistics, Tax

Stats -

Students, Tax Information for

Subscription Services for Tax Professionals

Talking Tax Forms

TAP - Taxpayer Advocacy Panel

Tax Fraud Alerts

Tax Fraud Program

Tax Hints for Filing Season 2003 for Tax Professionals  

Tax Information for Businesses

Taxpayer Advocate Service

Taxpayer Education & Communication Local Office Contacts

Taxpayer Rights

Tax Professionals, Basic Tools for

Tax Professionals, e-file for

Tax Professionals e-file Program Overview

Tax Professionals e-file Q&A for 2004

Tax Professionals, Tax Information for

Tax Statistics

TaxTalk Today 

Tax Treaties, International Taxpayer

TCE - Tax Counseling for the Elderly

Technical Publications - IRS e-file

Test Package - e-file, Pub. 1436 (TY 2004) PATS

TIGTA - Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration

Toll-Free Number e-Help Desk

Topics For Tax Professionals      

Undelivered Refunds

Understanding Taxes

U.S. Census Bureau – State Data Center


W-2s - Required for IRS e-file

What's Hot in Tax Forms, Pubs, and Other Tax Products

What's Hot - News

Where to File Addresses

Where's My Refund?

Worldwide Tax Administration Assistance

Women and Minority Resources

XML Schemas - e-file for Business